As scholars, educators, and consultants, we are acutely aware of the interplay between education and action in designing and implementing effective workforce strategies. Our research has shown that effective strategy execution requires a series of steps that determine the core of our approach. These include:

  • Clarifying Strategic Choice and Identifying Strategic Capabilities
  • Developing a Workforce Philosophy and Goverance System
  • Identifying Strategic Positions
  • Developing a Talent Inventory and a Strategic Human Capital Plan
  • Designing and Implementing a High Performance Work System
  • Ensuring Line Manager Accountability for Workforce Success
  • Designing and Implementing a Workforce Scorecard
  • Designing and Implementing an HR Scorecard
  • Restructuring the HR Function for Competitive Advantage

Through the use of a set of proprietary tools and the experience drawn from working with more than 250 firms, we can help you and your firm meet your strategic objectives through more effective workforce management and measurement.